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Default Re: Donnie Walsh is out, Glen Grunwald new interim GM.

Originally Posted by franchize
For starters he can have one of his teams for once in his career play some damn defense! You are the biggest excuse maker for this guy.Bottom line is,I agree the next wont be a contender next year but if D'Antoni is the coach... they NEVER will be.You HAVE to play defense to win in the playoffs.PERIOD! N spare me the rhetoric about getting a defensive assistant.Why r we making so many excuses and crutches for this guy?Why not just fire him and go get a coach who can coach BOTH sides of the ball?This isnt football.

His teams are good offensively but is he an offensive mastermind? NO
Does he provide ANY type of defensive strategy that works?NO
Is he a great motivator?NO
Is he a locker room favorite?Hell NO

So what exactly is he bringing to the table that we are holding on to and bending over backwards for?
i agree, the most he does is say, "you dont stand there" or move to this spot when so and so comes around this way,...point being the players know how to play and score, its what they do, hes just there to keep everyone in flow and get the ball moving which any coach can do.
The fact that no defense is instructed to a point where the players themselves do not know how to orchestrate or set up any type of defensive structure mean its time to bring someone who can do both at the most, no need paying for half a coach

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