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Default Re: Random thoughts on the playoffs-

Game 5:

-It's crazy how well the Mavs played and they were still down for portions of the game. The Heat are consistent and had Wade not been out for significant portions, I wonder if the Mavs would've still won this game.

-Finally Terry finds his shot in the 4th. Though I wonder if this will lead him to try to take those big hero shots in Miami and come up short. In any event, it's good to see Terry when he's hitting shots. He sparks them better than anyone else.

-Tyson Chandler is my favorite player on the court constantly. Guy just does work.

-When Kidd made that three at the end of the game, I said "Finally!" He had been turning down that shot for most of the game. Good to see him ante up and take the shot when they've been giving it to him for the entire series.

-I almost feel for LeBron. So many times I found myself saying "Come on man, you're better than this." But he shied away. I don't know what it is. It's almost as if he switched games with JR Smith. He was taking such bad shots and shots early in the shot clock instead of getting to the rim.

-It pains me to see how little of a post game LeBron has considering how big and strong and agile he is. When he was posting Marion or Kidd, it's as if he has no moves. Not even a fadeaway. He gets position but then looks to pass it everytime. Contrast that to Wade who can post up Kidd and get a bucket. LeBron's game needs more toughness to it. It's pseudo tough cause he will go in and dunk it on your center, but I mean the workhorse tough. The ugly, Ron Artest baskets. Ain't pretty, but gets results type of playing. Anthony Mason comes to mind. He needs to work on his post footwork over the summer.

-Chalmers is turning into one of those I hate him, but he's pretty damn productive players. The predictions of him being the next Derek Fisher are coming true. I see some Charlie Ward in him too. But I love Charlie Ward, so **** that.
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