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Default Re: Random thoughts on the playoffs-


- terry and barea fantastic, hitting lots of big shots, moving and distributing very well. couldn't believe barea took all those threes and MADE so many. they're also going to have to do more of the same for the mavs to win, so keep that fire lit under their asses, please. their play is still the x-factor and will be the difference between the title or a loss in seven games.

- when is haywood coming back? my god, the mavs need that man.

- carlisle and the mavs have done a real good job clamping down on miami runs. things have changed a lot since that first game, in which miami was wreaking havoc like those old nets teams from the finals. indeed, with every game, carlisle's overall plan seems to get a little bit more effective and the mavs' grip on the situation, better.

- miami can still win this series, easily. it's only two games on their home court. miami's role players keep improving, and if the superfriends play just a bit better, that's enough to win. none of them have really had monster games yet, although in bosh and lebron's case, i think it's because of the rising pressure.

- i thought the video of wade and lebron walking down the hallway, cracking jokes about dirk being sick, was pretty childish. i don't dislike either guy because of that, but james seems to be bringing wade down to his level more than wade has been bringing lebron up to his. '13-yr old kid mentality'. meanwhile, where's the eye of the tiger and desire to annihilate the opposition ala kobe, jordan, bird, and so many others.

lebron is not playing the game for the same reasons that the greats did, and that's not good for the game IMO. it seems like more of an ego-boost and popularity contest for him. i was just reading an article on sporting news about how the 'straight-to-the-pros' stars and superstars, like james, howard, j. o'neal, garnett, eddy curry, kwame brown and others, have badly underachieved as a group. kobe is the only exception. the training and discipline of college seemed to make a decisive difference for playoff and finals moments, such as these.

- zach lowe at SI has had the best game analysis i've read this playoffs. myself, i've been watching the games at bars and on crappy internet feeds at home, so it's hard to see the details well. so he's been a great read for slobs like me.

- last point: james has underachieved, true, but if the mavs go on to win, people need to remember something... that without his jump to miami, there was little chance miami was going to do anything in the playoffs. i mean, last season they lost in five games in the first round, whereas this year, they went to to six or seven games in the finals. that's no joke, no matter what the star power. so people might want to think about putting a sock in it and appreciating how far they've come. and even if james refuses to accept reality, that he has a second-fiddle mentality and that the team belongs in wade's hands, not his, the heat should keep improving anyway.
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