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Default 2011 NBA Finals Game 6 preview: Mavs at Heat

2011 NBA Finals Game 6 preview

Game 6 is Sunday in Miami. If there's a Game 7, it's Tuesday in Miami.

Do you guys expect any changes from either team, or key players on either team?

For the Heat, Dwyane Wade has been AWESOME. LeBron James has been pretty good (compared to more mortal players) but he's been invisible offensively in the 4th quarters. And all series long, he's not attacking the rim and therefore not getting to the free throw line. He's often been just an observer. It's weird.

Also, Bosh, Joel Anthony and Bibby have shot bricks throughout the Finals.

For the Mavs, Dirk has been AWESOME. Tyson Chandler has been very good, especially on defense. Jason Terry has been OK, shooting 44% for 16ppg. Shawn Marion's been good, especially on D. Kidd is shooting bricks. Peja fell out of the rotation.

What do you expect for Game 6?
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