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Default Re: Random thoughts on the playoffs-

i haven't been able to watch these games because i was hella busy the past two weeks but from the highlights, i can tell miami is most often in the driver's seat and pretty much has dallas under control except for a 12 minute period called the 4th quarter.

In the 4th, dallas can't be any better and miami can't get much worse. One team is spreading the floor, penetrating the lane, kicking it out, swinging the ball, and getting open shots and MAKING them while the other team is standing around, playing hero ball, turning it over, and playing lazy defense.

Make no mistake, i want the Mavs to win this series, but allow me to take my homer glasses off for a moment and state the obvious: Miami is essentially giving this series away. And it all started with game 2.
Miami has the talent to steamroll through this series, but the men in blue seem to have more heart and desperation.

And i'm loving every bit of it.
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