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Default Your favorite game series?

I think mine has to be the Sonic series from Sega Genesis. I found out a few days ago that there's a Sonic 4 downloadable game in the PS3 store. Now I'm stoked to buy it. Haha
When I was a kid, the Sonic the Hedgehog games had to be the best games I played in the '90s. When the "Sonic Mega Collections" was released for GameCube a few years ago, I didn't mind pitching out the $40+ for it brand new.

Other series worth mentioning:
- GTA (probably tied for #1 best series imo)
- Gran Turismo
- inFamous 1 & 2

There are others, such as Assassin's Creed, that I would have mentioned but I haven't played them much, so I can't really vouch for how great they are (though I will admit the AC series is pretty bad ass).
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