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Cool 2011 NBA Finals Game 6 thread: Mavericks at Heat

Dallas Mavericks are on a NBA Finals high 2 game winning run after running out victorious against Miami Heat in their last home game. Miami Heat are however on a two game slide and look to end that at home against the Dallas Mavericks. The Dallas Mavericks are the only team to have won 50% of away games in the NBA Finals this season, having lost one and won one of their 2 matches away from the American Airlines Center. Miami Heat are 1-1 in the American Airlines Arena in the NBA Finals so they should stop that slide if LeBron gets a good game.

Projected starting line ups:
Dallas Mavericks have coach Rick Carlisle (Carlisle a name not Carlisle a football club

Miami Heat have owner Micky Arison.

I think it will be an exciting game especially looking at the battle between Chris Bosh and Dirk Nowitzki, two of the hottest players in the league IMO. Maybe Jason Kidd will be retired soon, so he is on the down. I will predict a 122-88 blowout for Miami. Mike Bibby (#3 draft pick) will have assists. And meybe Ian Mahinmi who was in a France recently.

EXTRA INFO!!!!: These teams have played each other before in the NBA Finals, with Miami Heat led by Shaq and D-Wade beating the Mavs, led by Dirk and JET 4-2. This time round, the Dallas Mavs, led by Dirk and JET, lead the Miami Heat, led by LeBron and D-Wade 3-2. Also Chris Bosh is a Dallas native so maybe he is biased.

Miami Heat have three All-Star worthy dancers, pictured above. They will give their fans a big lift for the game. Their names are Katrina Lovehart, Bianca Mills and Shalaina Aldridge. Katrina Lovehart if she was a WNBA player she would be #1 draft pick probably better than Maya. Bianca is just Bianca and Shalaina was a Miami native and has lived there for all of her 24 years

D&D's expert analysis:
Originally Posted by Done & Done
I think the Mavericks will come out of the gates with all guns blazin' and Dirk will hit some treys to start the game. In second and third quarters however we will see for the first time this series Miami-style defense and the Mavs will come stuck against them. In the fourt quarter Miami will be up big and Dallas just miss the comeback final score for me 92-89 for Heat (thus forcing Game 7)

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