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Originally Posted by Captian Solo
they just need to trade bibby he plays no D what so ever. what about kenny miller bibby for KG. martin play point? or the guy they drafted start at point. and pick up a center in FA. bibby is more of a 2 guard not a real point andcan't really bring the ball down when he is getting guarded. Heck artest can just bring the ball down.

1. Yes he plays no D but Mike is mostly the main scorer and realiable outside shooter on our team. You trade Mike Bibby, your going to be the Cleveland Cavaliers without LeBron James.

2. Martin can't play the point. His dribbling skills are below average and needs to get better. Plus, I don't know if Martin can dribble penetrate and find an open man on a night to night basis. Sometimes he finds himself lost in games at times, but not all the time.
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