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Default Re: The 5 Best Mix Masters Of You Tube

Originally Posted by SsKSpurs21
that yinka dare Tim Duncan mix is one of my all time favorites....but KBlaze is the GOAT. I also love Kblaze's Manu Ginobili (the song is awesome) and the DRob mix...i dont know how he got all those videos from Navy.
I have one of those generic "Bloopers & Stars" triple VHS sets that just provides footage of a bunch of pranks, bloopers, and non-NBA footage of NBA stars. So, it's things like the ol' Rick Mahorn's-head-scaring-the-bejeez-out-of-Manute Bol-at-the-buffet-table routine (, Dennis Scott being trapped inside an elevator with what he believes is a woman in labor, and a bunch of footage like Charles Barkley at Auburn, David Robinson at Navy, and Mark Price at Georgia Tech. It's a nice, cheesy little set, hosted largely by the immortal Jay Johnstone.
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