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Default Re: Mike Brown named new Lakers head coach

Originally Posted by Crown&Coke
Im warming up to the whole Mike Brown thing, but dude is getting way too Hollywood right now.

He's been on like 25 shows already. I think after the way the season ended the new coach would work behind the scenes a little.

I get he is hot right now, but is there really a reason to go on late night talk shows? Those people could care less about sports...

This should worry everyone, the guy wants to be in the spotlight too much....trying to make it all about himself. I already heard him publicly give way too much info on his strategy and philosophy as well as the weaknesses in his defensive strategy. No leader wants to go into battle having given his opponent a blueprint.......if they figure it out for themselves then fine.....but why run your mouth and help them???? Brown needs to shut up and start preparing. I suspect this guy will be flapping his gums all season.
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