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Default Re: Will Heat totally rebuild their supporting cast?

Originally Posted by insidehoops
Skim this:

The Heat will have their core back and a bunch of the key reserves, but even so, almost half the team COULD be replaced
nope. They have 10 players under contract (granted, they could waive butler, pittman, hasbrouck and beverley) and 2 more player options (z and house, both of which I expect to re-up). Even if Z and house decline and they waive the other 4, they still have about 61 million committed in salary for next season. Without knowing where the next CBA will end, predicting anything precise is silly, but its fairly safe to assume that the salary cap position will be worse for teams than this year. So, at best (this years CBA), they will have the MLE, BAE and vet min contracts to replace the 6 players talked about here. not to mention chalmers.
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