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Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
I see playoffs for the Knicks next year. Theyre one of the most talnted teams in the East, Larry Brown held them back. Isiah's gonna let them try to freakin score, and try to get them to play better D. But they're gonna score enough pts in the East to make the playoffs. Id bet money on it.

And they've got tradeable commodities and will trade them.

You're gonna lose your money if you make that bet..

How is zeke gonna get them to defend and score more when Larry couldnt even get them to defend?

they stunk when Lenny Wilkens was there.....They still stunk when Lenny's replacement was there....they still stunk when the replacement's replacement came to town....

What have they done that says they'll all of a sudden make the playoffs? Make zeke the coach?
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