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Default PG Draft Prospects

Obviously, one of the big needs for this team is a PG. I figured I'd start a thread about all the different draft prospects and what makes sense for us to do as far as drafting a PG.

1st Rounders:

Kemba Walker-lottery pick, great shot and PG skills (when he wants to be a PG) and unquestionable leadership and charisma. Some say he's too small to start. If the bigs we want are off the board, I think this pick makes sense.

Darius Morris-trickier to evaluate from the Pistons' standpoint. Mocks have him going from a low lottery pick to the late first round, but 8 is too high to select him. Good size, solid talent, we've all seen him play at UofM. This can really only happen if we trade down, say with Houston with #8 and #33 going for #14 and #23.

Early Second Round:

Shelvin Mack-if he's there at 33 and we haven't already drafted a PG, he's one to consider. Big shot ability reminds me of Chauncey a bit. Somewhat of a combo guard, but the guy just knows how to win. IMO, he's actually probably #4 or #5 on our PG wish list.

Norris Cole-IMO, the ideal pick at 33 assuming we land Valanciunas or another big with #8. Undersized, played in a small conference, but put up great numbers and has solid PG instincts.

Late Second Round:

Iman Shumpert-incredible athleticism, played in the tough ACC with an underachieving GT team. I think he'd be worth the pick at 52 if we still need a PG

Demetri McCamey-nothing flashy, just a solid PG at Illinois. Played with good teams at Illinois and was definitively a PG, which is something that I really like considering all the tweeners and combo guards we have.

Brandon Knight-I assume he'll be gone by #8
Jimmer Fredette-great shooter, awful defender, let Golden State draft him
Malcolm Lee-I don't know enough about him to really say anything. Maybe someone else does.
Josh Selby-great athlete, but not much else. small and unconvincing sample size in his time at KU.
Cory Joseph-similar to selby. haven't seen enough to warrant a pick IMO
Charles Jenkins-same as Malcolm Lee
Reggie Jackson-same as Charles Jenkins
Andrew Goudelock-volume shooter, not really great PG prospect IMO
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