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Default Re: Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Thread

Originally Posted by knickballer
It's what Oil money does for ya.. I like the idea of expanding to new places but Qatar is just bizarre. I wouldn't mind if the WC was in Australia, Canada, or even some new place like Turkey. But Qatar?

Also is there any chance for China to qualify? You would think a country with it's size, population and resources would be a bit better than the garbage they are, same with India.. After the US, FIFA's new biggest untapped market is China and India.

Qatar is just WEIRD. I mean the WC would never be hosted in a place like Rwanda, Burundi (except if they had oil money obviously) so Qatar shouldnt be a contender. Its a city-state.

China qualified in 2002 (when they didnt have to compete with South-Korea and Japan and theyre certainly better than India (i think))
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