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Default Re: Your favorite game series?

Originally Posted by Lakerlove420
wow, I have never played or even seen any of these games.
You probably have days worth of enjoying these in your life..
I don't have a clue. I should investigate.
(I have only been gaming for a year or more for those who didn't know.)

__________________________________________________ _____

for the games I've played: (in order of my favorites)

1)NBA2k10 & 11
2)Red Dead
3)Battlefield Bad Company 2
4)Modern Warfare 2
5)L.A. Noire


(never finished and I don't know why. I am further in Noire than I am in GTAV and I bought GTA like 8months ago. I never really wanted to post this or admit it. Because everybody LOVES it SOOOOO much. I guess I figured that ya'll would think there is something wrong with me or something.)

(for what it's worth..
I think it's because I had JUST finished
Red Dead (<-- my first open world game)
and maybe I was just burned out for the moment on a game like that.

I bought the game (cause the hype) and checked it out.
and I like it. (.....Just kinda stopped playing)

But seeing as how damn near EVERYBODY has it in there top 3
(most have it closer to 1)
I guess I should pop it in and I don't know..
jack some cars I don't know.. finish the story.
I don't even remember if I made it 30% in.

so there it is.. I admit it. (Weirdo..I am

play the others gta son
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