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Default Re: Ricky Rubio's Final 2010-11 Season Stats

Originally Posted by Toizumi
Here's how Brandon Jennings did in the Italian league, the year before he came over to the NBA

From wiki:

Jennings averaged the above in a league weaker than the Spanish league.. Didnt do good in Italy but was important to his team and showed to have a good skillset (from what Ive heard and read). PG stats in Europe never look that great really. If you watch the games, u can see that Rubio has the tools to become a solid NBA player. He's better than prime Calderon, which means that he will be a worthy starter at least.

Congrats to Ricky and Barca for winning the title! He didnt have a great year, but it wasnt horrible either. Starting pg on the championship team.

Complete nonsense.

Those are horrible point guard stats in Europe and many, many, many, many point guards have far better stats than that. Rubio's stats and Jennings' stats are horrible for European standards and horrible compared to most other point guards in Europe.

And, news flash, Jennings sucks in the NBA.

Rubio is not half as good as Calderon is, and he was not the starter of Barca, that was Victor Sada.

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