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Default Re: Mark Cuban Said To Be Interested In Buying Euroleague Champions Panathinaikos Athens

Originally Posted by Goliath Uterus
Is that supposed to be impressive Euroleague? Any good professional basketball player should eaily be able to score that against a college team. And MJ (college MJ no less) didn't even guard him that much.

He's just another Euroleague scrub, and a surefire 7-8th man on hte benc for any NBA team.

MJ guarded him in that game.

That "any college team" consisted of these NBA players,

Players on that UNC team that played in the NBA included:

Michael Jordan

Kenny Smith
Joe Wolf
Sam Perkins
Brad Daugherty
Dave Popson

You are right, "any pro" can "easily score 50 against that team". You obviously have zero basketball knowledge.
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