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Default Re: Mark Cuban Said To Be Interested In Buying Euroleague Champions Panathinaikos Athens

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Yes, Galis was 26 and Jordan was 20 at the time in 1983. In the game in 1982, when Galis was 25 and Jordan was 19 (after he had won the national championship already).............

in that first game in Greece, Galis scored 35. But he got 50 in the next game in North Carolina.
WHO ****ING CARES. Your thread is about Mark Cuban buying a euroleague team which he is not. You made it up. It's total bullshit. He's not buying the team, Dirk is not playing there, so stop ****ing posting about it.

Why is this allowed to stay on the board? It's like fan fiction.
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