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Default Re: Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Thread

Originally Posted by guado
i don't know what ranking you're talking about, but he mentioned fifa.

they're 83 in the fifa ranking

i should've been more clear. i meant surprise as in do better than people expected, not qualify.

although just by trying they've improved, since they didn't even try the last.

i should be getting an azkals jersey shortly to support them

the helicopter guy is hashemian. past his prime

ali karimi is way past it too.

kaebi looked like he could've became special but stunk it up at leicester .

ali daei was good but he's long gone

all the guys that were the core ten years ago are past their prime and the young guys aren't as good as them, at least it seems.

you watching their home game?

and yeah they have a good chace against sri lanka but the next round would be tough. but i've seen this team win some upsets(vietnam).
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