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Default Re: Ricky Rubio's Final 2010-11 Season Stats

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Complete nonsense.

Those are horrible point guard stats in Europe and many, many, many, many point guards have far better stats than that. Rubio's stats and Jennings' stats are horrible for European standards and horrible compared to most other point guards in Europe.

And, news flash, Jennings sucks in the NBA.

Rubio is not half as good as Calderon is, and he is not the starter of Barca, that Victor is Sada.

Wait, are we comparing a Spanish PG who has spent his entire career playing the European brand of basketball including as a professional at 16 to an American PG from Compton who shows up for 5 months?

Jennings didnt even get off the bench on his team because he said he didnt have the work ethic to grasp their style of play. He knew he was only going to be there for a few months before coming back to the states for the NBA Draft. His struggles in adjusting overseas are completely irrelevant to Rubio's struggles to a game he has played for his whole life.

If Jennings had no chance to play in the NBA, I can guarantee you in time he would've worked to become a good PG over there in Europe.
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