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Default Re: Bismack Biyombo says he's 100% sure he'll lead the NBA in blocks and rebounds.

he realizes love boxes out right? you have to have a certain mentality and BODY to do that as well. you can't just jump for rebounds. if that were the case, dwight, smith, lebron and wallace would rack up all the rebounding awards. guys like al jeff, love and lee would have no chance, right? part of this seems naive, the other part seems like supreme confidence.

i'm not sure how i feel about this guy. i mean, he apparently interviews well and he has massive potential. i can see the next ben wallace in him but there's work to be done. if he expects to show up and dominate right away, he's in for a long journey.

if he keeps this up though, i won't have much to say until he proves stuff on the court. i can dig trash talking on the court, but if you're gonna do off the court, you better bring it.

i've been plenty wrong before and am totally fine with that. i think this guy is a ben wallace lite. only time will tell. some people may forget that wallace patrolled the paint so hard that players found it difficult to even get in there. he was an intimidating force. altered shots shouldn't be a stats but it sure is part of the game. he also just rebounded like a fiend. if what he says is true, he should be a ROY candidate.

EDIT: as a final point, i just wanted to say i find him intriguing because in most mock drafts i've seen him taken as high as #7 and as low as #20. so i mean, don't beat your chest if you think he's got the goods. no one really knows for sure and if you think you do, you should do this professionally across the board. we don't all bat .100. does he have foul troubles? lots thought hasheem thabeet was the next dikembe but he couldn't stay on the court more than 20 minutes and had stone hands on offense.

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