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Default Re: Kyrie Irving is the next big bust

I don't even think most NBA Draft "experts" are claiming that Irving will be the next great PG. However, this is a VERY weak draft class on paper, and Irving is no worse than a top 3 pick. I don't even expect him to become a PG that we mention as one of the 5 best in the NBA anytime soon, partially due to the incredible depth at the position. But, in a perceived very weak draft, he is as good of an option at #1 as anyone else in this draft.

Derrick Williams was incredible but he had one huge year, blew up in the tournament, and everyone has fallen in love with him. Let's not forget Williams doesn't have a solidified position in the NBA, yet. We don't know if h he has the handle to play SF full-time, or the footwork/postgame to be a full-time PF. I think Williams has a higher ceiling than Irving, but he's not a sure thing either.
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