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Default Re: Bismack Biyombo says he's 100% sure he'll lead the NBA in blocks and rebounds.

Originally Posted by DC Zephyrs
I really hope the Wizards get this guy at #6. He's 6'9 with a riduclous 7'7 wingspan, runs and jumps like a gazelle, and plays with a ton of energy and hustle. He's going to need to refine his offensive game before earning starter minutes in the NBA, but if he does there's no reason he can't lead the league in shotblocking and rebounding. He has all the tools.

I have been saying this for awhile here. If the Wizards hired Mike Brown, Jeff van Gundy or and defensive minded coach they win and are contending in three maybe two years. They would be Atlanta on steroids. Put in Biyambo and they are the longest and athletic team the league might have ever had. Wall, Young, Blatche, McGhee and Yi (Biz would follow suite) are as athletic as anybody their size, and have a standing reach tops among guys their size. They have the longest arms going. Ndiaye and Rashard Lewis add to that considerably.

With Wall too fast for anybody, they would terrorize the league - turnovers would be like a playground for him and Wizards would be producing them like crazy. Crawford is going to be an outstanding all around player. Nick Young is looking very good at the two. Blatche is versatile 16ppg with a high amount of assist and steals for a seven footer and the way they play. McGee is finding his nitch and could lead the league in blocks. Rashard can hit the three. Seriously, they could wake up one day in November and be Atlanta. McGhee, Biyambo, Wall, Nick Young and Blatch would be the longest athletic team ever.
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