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Default Knicks plan to move up involves Biyombo, not Jimmer.

All the reports today are saying that the Knicks want Biyombo and could move up into the top 10 to land him.

The Knicks are hoping Biyombo drops to them at 17. That's unlikely, so they're exploring moving up. May have to jump ahead of Warriors at 11.

I've read two other stories on it, but one was from Bleacher Report so it's not worth it.

THIS is the right move. If you can somehow package Toney Douglas and the 16th pick to get Biyombo somehow then you're in real business. If it takes Landry Fields, I'd be semi-okay with that. If it takes both, I don't want it.

Then the Knicks can (as they plan to) buy a second rounder and grab a PG prospect to put behind Billups. I would LOVE to get Darius Morris but he'll probably be gone in the first round.
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