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Default Re: Bismack Biyombo says he's 100% sure he'll lead the NBA in blocks and rebounds.

People take the Biyombo is raw stuff too far. He is raw OFFENSIVELY. Look at his block and rebounds per minute. He was at or near the top of the league in both. He is not raw at all DEFENSIVELY. He is not really a risk if all you want is Tyson Chandler.

Lots of guys are athletic and tall/long, but what separates Biyombo and makes people so interested is his NBA body, his incredible motor/intensity on court and maybe more so his understanding of team defensive concepts. He will gamble for blocks sometimes, as he knows his talent, but he knows how to position himself, cover for his perimeter defenders, switch on pick and rolls, rotate etc. like few guys his age can.

Biyombo is the type of defender you have to have to compete with all the athletic slashers of today. All the Cs in the CFs were defensive oriented with no skills. I do not care if Bismack develops a jumper or not.
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