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Default Re: which current player had highest gpa

Originally Posted by sundizz
Ya'll are all's obviously without question Jeremy Lin. He had a 3.1 at Harvard, but wasn't taking bs classes. He got into Harvard on pure brains, as they don't offer athletic scholarships. He obviously a pretty smart dude, plus he's Asian.

1. Nearly everyone at Harvard ends up with a 3.0+ GPA because of grade inflation. If you don't know what that is, look it up.
2. Every college in the country offers athletic scholarships, althought they may not be officially called "athletic scholarships." Also, the standards are much lower if you're recruited to play basketball at an Ivy league school. It's no different than being recruited to play a sport at an elite prep school.
3. I know slacker Asians and hardworking/intelligent Asians. Him being Asian has nothing to do with it. You come across as young and ignorant by saying that.
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