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Default Re: Wolves Will Pick Irving If He Slips

Originally Posted by chips93
i dont understand why they would be doing this though, i still believe they'll take irving, but i dont get the point of floating these stories.
The advantage is that the Cavs DO NOT want the T-Wolves to be able to trade the No. 2 pick to a team that wants to take Williams (or Kanter), because they still believe that -- ultimately -- if Minnesota is unable to make a deal between now and the draft, they may make a deal with Cleveland.

By keeping the No. 1 pick a mystery, it makes teams hesitant to trade for the No. 2 pick, because no team is going to be willing to make a move when they are completely clueless as to who is going to be available.

Cleveland still has the ultimate dream of landing both Irving and Williams via trade. That cannot and will not happen if Minnesota is able to make a deal with a team that wants Williams.

That is why the Cavs are sending out so many smokescreens.

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