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Default Re: Wolves Will Pick Irving If He Slips

Originally Posted by TheBluest
I think the key here is how high is Utah on Jimmer and Kemba because Knight may not be the pick there.
Missing out on the opportunity to draft the No. 1 prospect in the draft who is also a big point guard (Irving) only to be left with the choice between two barely 6-foot combo guards is a viable scenario, you think?

Irving is the pick... These are smokescreens.

There were rumors before the lottery took place that, if the Cavs didn't get the No. 1 pick, they would do whatever it took to get to the No. 1 spot in order to take Irving. That is how high the organization and Byron Scott are on this kid. When he measured out at 6-foot-3+ at the combine, that solidified the selection for good.

Irving hasn't even worked out for any other teams. Take a step back and it is pretty obvious what is happening, here. There is great benefit for the Cavs to keep people guessing, but the choice has been made.... It was probably made on the night of the lottery.
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