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Default Re: Mike Brown named new Lakers head coach

Originally Posted by DKLaker
^^^^^^ This makes no sense at all....not the least bit.....sorry.
The coach is responsible for complete in-game strategy, adjustments, proper use of timeouts, clock management and calling up plays to close out make it sound like the head coach doesn't need to show up for the game? I have seen Brown blow way too many games to like him.
I do wish him the very best success.....Lakers need to pass Boston, Kobe needs to pass MJ.

I love a hard working coach.....but truthfully it's not how long Mike Brown prepares, it's what he knows and how he prepares for games.
A friend of mine, a retired 15 year NBA veteran starter told me that his favorite head NBA HOF legend ran a maximum 90 minute practice...never one second more than that ever........Knowledge > Time practicing........I mean would Dunleavy be better than Phil if he Worked 20 hours a day 7 days a week coaching

No insult intended to anyone but I wish everyone on here would go and coach a basketball team at any level for a few years. I think this would greatly improve their perspective on basketball. Kind of like the Kobe Vs. Chef turkish airline commercial where both thought the other had it easy.

There is a lot of stuff that makes a good coach or a bad coach. Mike brown is in the middle. But one way to tell if he can ever be a good coach is learn from your mistakes. The mistakes he made in Cleveland should never follow him to LA or to were ever he is at again. I know he is coaching a different team then what he had in Cleveland. But If his Defensive principals are like what everybody is making them to be he should be good in LA. He also is coaching a better team and with a good PG like Deron Williams or CP3 could put us right back in the finals.
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