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Default Re: can Biyombo still grow?

Originally Posted by Euroleague
I grew until age 24. I didn't have any childhood disease. It is complete BS that every male stops growing at age 18.

24? i'd say that's pretty rare but not impossible. almost all males stop growing by 21 and many don't see any growth past 18-19. so in short, yes, he can still grow but i wouldn't say it's expected. he still has monstrous length so it shouldn't be an issue. watching a couple highlights, it just seems like he has good timing on blocks. it's not always about size if you can't stay out of foul trouble, pick your spots or block with timing.

he just needs to fill out and work his offensive game. his potential is high which is why he's such an intriguing pick. he's a relative newcomer to the game but doesn't have the footwork that hakeem gained through soccer. i also doubt he's athletic overall as ibaka but he's still athletic in his own right. i think he can be devastating defensively and if he works at it, his offensive game will come along. his perceived confidence is either gonna kill him or drive him. that's why he can also be high risk. if he expects to just show up and get by on his athletic ability, he won't have a career into his 30s. if he soaks everything in, works on tip-ins, boxing out, hook shots...well, he can be a force.
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