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Default Re: can Biyombo still grow?

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Stop acting like you know anything about this subject. A hyped NBA prospect's underwhelmed in the Euroleague you say he sucks. A hyped NBA prospect has done well relative to age and playing time in the Euroleague you say he sucks. An American goes to the Euroleague you say he sucks.

You're not a basketball fan. You're a troll. How you're not banned other than providing page hits is beyond me.

bravo. i haven't seen everything but he seems to always post in any rubio related thread. i'm pretty sure he said jennings sucks and will continue to suck. i'm pretty sure he said childress sucked and will continue to suck. it's like a weird pro euro competition obsession. if rubio shoots bad but makes a lot of plays, he wins. if childress doesn't get much PT regardless of depth chart, he wins. if jennings never scores 40 again or dishes 12 assists, he wins.

is there a group dissing euro ball here? i don't see it but he has this strange obsession over it all. everything is about the american media yet he's dealing with sources that are years outdated. many american sources are questioning rubio's ability....his ability to shoot jumpers on pick n rolls, his potential abuse by larger PG's in the post, his tendency to jump and play the passing lanes. i don't know what he's reacting to really. the fact that we should pay more attention to overseas ball? he's going about it the wrong way. i'm pretty sure rubio screwed a female he was interested in. i won't even say gf.

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