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Default Re: New Toronto Raptors coach is Dwane Casey!

Dwane Casey has his work cut out for him!

Good read - honest assessment:


The personnel had a lot to do with that. Jose Calderon tries hard and talks a ton, but he’s a swinging door at point guard. Andrea Bargnani, the franchise centerpiece, is among the worst big men in the league in terms of help defense, closing on shooters and rebounding. The inexperienced wing players and front-line guys — DeMar DeRozan, Ed Davis and Amir Johnson — have shown some flashes, but they are young and raw, and they come with the usual flaws of players who are young and raw.

But no team should be quite this bad, this consistently. Jay Triano is, by all accounts, a good coach and a wonderful guy, but he could never get this team under control or bind it to a solid set of defensive rules. Players complained about a lack of accountability and film study, and though some of those complaints may have been targeted venting, the fact remains that this team just showed nothing on defense over two straight seasons.


Special note is to look at defensive efficiency chart in article. Look at the various line up combos'.

I know I have complained (among others) about Bargnani - Jose Calderon and their defensive liabilities.

Turns out the line ups with Reggie Evans were not much better.

It would seem the statistics tell us what we need to know - all the player have to starting putting up and shutting up with the possible exception of James Johnson.

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