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Default Re: ISH Draft opinions.

Not easy to do for the Cavs, because we pretty much own this draft, but here goes...

Your team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Player in this draft that you wish your team had a shot at (out of ALL draftees): Kyrie Irving

Player in this draft that you REALLY DON'T want (that has been linked to your team): ? Tough to say since we have been in the cat-bird's seat the entire time. I'm going to go ahead and say Brandon Knight, not because I don't like his game, but us being linked to him meant that we weren't taking Irving.

Player in this draft that your team has been linked to that you want most: I'm going to do away with the obvious one. We are talking to the Wiz about trading No. 4 for No. 6 and No. 18. The only real mystery is who we would get at 18... I'm leaning hard toward Alec Burks.

Player you think your team will actually wind up with: Kyrie Irving, Jonas Valanciunas, and Alec Burks or Marshon Brooks

Yep.... I think we get the three.
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