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Default Re: Knowing what we know now from the '96 draft...

If we re-draft it today, knowing what I know (assuming Kobe will play for my team and not whine his way to LA, right?)

Allen Iverson
Ray Allen
Antoine Walker
Marcus Camby
Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Stephon Marbury
Kobe Bryant
Steve Nash
Jermaine O'Neal
Kerry Kittles
Peja Stojaković
Erick Dampier
Tony Delk

Here's the thing, my job as a GM, especially on a bad team (which gets a good pick) is on the line. I want the guys who can do it right away and fit perfectly into whatever else I have in mind.

The guys who took 3ish years to develop are of no value to me. They'll get some other GM a raise, and a title, not me...Ill be sitting around my house saying "I knew that guy would be good."

So - AI, Ray, Walker are my first 3.

Then I went with size because size does not come cheap. Z was specifically good early, the foot injuries will get me fired in 2 yrs, though.

Steph was good quickly, but the worst attitutde in the draft. He'll get me fired.

Then came the projects, Kobe, Nash, J.O'n. I'm fired by the time they get good, but at least its on my resume.

Then role players. No one cares. Hopefull by that time in the draft my team is pretty good anyway and these guys make their small contributions and I'm a genius.
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