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Default Re: Knowing what we know now from the '96 draft...

I'm still taking Allen Iverson. Call it bias. Call it stupid. Feel free to say whatever your heat desires. Instant impact player not only for the franchise but the NBA. He introduced a new culture to the game. Sure people rocked braids before AI. He wasnt the first human to. But to see the transformation with players in how they appeared from hair, tatts you name it? Bringing that hip hop prescence as well? Not that that has sh!t to do with a team if you're the GM. It doesnt, just useless info i'm giving. But call it bias, fanboy.

AI beasted in college and was exciting as hell to watch.

Kobe is great, but knowing what I know? He was in a perfect situation right out the gate. I'd like to see how his career unfolds or peoples replies if you didnt take Kobe #1 had he not played in L.A with Shaq.

Give me AI, did I say that enough?

Someone should create a thread of merged drafts. Say 1996 and 2003. How would a first round go.

Originally Posted by Samurai Swoosh
I would've loved to have seen Kobe's career be played out in Philly. Living in Lower Merion playing summers in Philly, and where his dad played. Take Iverson's scoring years, and add 3 - 5 ppg onto each average and we'd have Kobe. His career averages would've been a lot higher. And we would've saw possibly more 81 point type games.

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