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Originally Posted by Sawbucks23
Anti-Hero, Maybe the Golden State deal is just rumors. That deal was a dream come true and there's no way the Suns would have waited unless they want to wait until draft day. You never know with the Suns front office. They believe that Nash and Gortat is untouchable. I can understand they believe Gortat is untouchable but we should listen to all deals that involves Nash. We can't build around Nash anymore and should get some value instead of letting him walk. The suspense of draft day is too intense for me. lol Go Suns!!!!!!!!

I'm guessing it's just a rumor too because I cannot see how they don't jump on it. Or maybe they're giving Fropez another year to be good enough to be a legit backup.

I'm all for trading Nash, for the reasons you stated. I won't get into my long winded stance on this but it has to be a good deal otherwise let him walk and use his money to sign a FA later on.

It's too intense for me too, NBA Draft Day is my favorite holiday!

Go Suns!!!!!!!
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