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Default Re: Why do some GMs appear to be so dumb?

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
No they wouldnt. a lot of the job is just common sense, luck, and situaiton, Like if I were running the cavs in 03 id have taken anyone but Lebron...

GMs make the big least have a say in them with the owners and coaches. But they dont really have to figure out who is good and who sucks. They have scouts, coaches, and common knowledge to lean on.

There is probably more to learn about keeping all the egos in check than basketball. You dont need to know the game terribly well to pick who your 11 scouts are raving about. Or to know a well known coach knows a thing or two. Or to call someone and ask about an assistant the league has beentalking about for 10 years.

These guys arent working alone.

So you would have decided to take "anyone but LeBron"? What happened to the 11 scouts that are raving about him, as all the scouts were at the time?

Think Darko would have kept you in a job?
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