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Default Re: Grinder's 2011 Final Mock Draft (1-60)

Originally Posted by Grinder
I've got Richmond going early second round. I'm surprised he's gotten no 1st round consideration...I think he's got a ton of potential and it seems like people forget he was only a freshman. Do you know why he declared? He definitely could have used another year or two.

McCamey, I've never really been high on.

Liggins is going to stick in this league whether he gets drafted or not. He can handle the ball, pass, and is an elite on ball defender. Not a bad shooter either. Really impressed this year.

There are a lot of rumors circulating on why Jereme declared early. I don't know which ones are true though. In short, he got into a physical altercation with Brandon Paul which led him to being suspended for the tournament, could have failed a drug test (for weed, but this story wasn't confirmed), and was not doing well in school. His status for next year was up in the air. If he got his GPA up then he would've been able to play, but instead he decided to go the NBA and hope that people will bank on his potential.

I think whatever team that gets him will need to keep his attitude in check. He's had attitude problems since high school. He's very, very raw so there's a ton of talent to be cultivated. Get his attitude straight and force him to learn the game, and he's a lottery talent in two years. Has to be the right team though.
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