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Default Re: Why do some GMs appear to be so dumb?

Originally Posted by NewYorkNoPicks
OP, so you look at yourself and think that you're not qualified to question the judgement of a guy who works in SPORTS?!

GM's work in SPORTS!!





All it's about is knowing who can play and who can't. If I would've ran the Knicks the past few years I would've done a better job than Isiah Thomas, and even better than Donnie Walsh (in the draft atleast).

This is about judging talent, and if you watch the game and you know the game, you are just as qualified as a GM.

99% of these GM's don't have a specialized degree in some sort of sports field, and even if they's still a subjective job. The only GM that I now of that doesn't base decisions on his opinion from watching an athlete play is Darryl Morey who has some kind of degree in Statistics.

That's entirely not true. Their sole job is more than evaluating talent and making rosters, if I'm not mistaken. It is the biggest part of their job, however.
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