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Default Jennings to be traded ?

6/23 all signs signal a trade for Sac"s Udrih , Livingston and S. Jackson for

Bucks : Salmons to Sac and Maggette to Bobcats.

(This I think will help both players)

As of right now Jennings has to be squirming because the Bucks aren't done YET !!!!!!!!!!

The bucks have on contract (4) FOUR PG's

I've got a big smile , because maybe my wish will come true and Jennings is traded.

Last year Udrih at 28 years of age shot .500 from the floor and alittle over .35% from the 3 pt line.
But with Jackson on board the exterior volume shooting will become better and I suspect the Bucks are going big on their frontline to open the offense up for the above players and start doing some serious board work.

Bucks Boards, and points in the paint was the worst in the league besides their wolful' scoring average per game.
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