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Markieff Morris

NBAComparison: Drew Gooden

Strengths: Markieff Morris has improved his value as an NBA prospect with each year while playing at Kansas ... Morris is a strong, muscular 6'10 with an NBA body at 21 years old ... He does an excellent job at finishing around the rim, using long and effective drop steps for better positioning when dealing in the paint ... Shows nice touch on his short, over the shoulder baby hook shot ... He's become extremely efficient from the perimeter, shooting 42% from downtown and looking fluent and comfortable in spot up opportunities ... Averaged a block and 8.3 rebounds in just 24 minutes of play, illustrating his high activity level and aggressive nature on the interior ... Defensively he plays with focus and passion, using his strength to force tough shots in the post ... Both he and his twin Marcus exhibit an aggressive "bullying" demeanor ...

Weaknesses: He's effective within a few feet of the rim and as a spot up shooter on the perimeter, but he's missing an in between game ... Facing up and using a dribble is not part of his repertoire ... Missing advanced high post moves, and struggles to draw fouls despite his physical interior play ... His ceiling is not as high as some of the other longer more athletic bigs ...

Overall: Morris set of skills will certainly be coveted by NBA teams looking for stability and depth up front ... He shows pick n' pop potential and the ability to man up opposing bigs... Though he lacks the upside of most lottery picks, he's one of the safest options in this year's draft ... Comparing him to his brother Marcus, Markieff is bigger, stronger and more athletic but lacks his younger twin's offensive ability...


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