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Default Re: TWolves Strategy...

Originally Posted by GOBB
They've been doing that how long and tell me the record of the Wolves the last 3 years. How is stockpiling talent doing anything besides making them look like a DLeague team, or #1 ranked college team?

It has to turn this talent into proven, established players and build. Eat a bad contract of a good player if they have too. Otherwise live in the lottery and hope one draft they nail it like they did with Kevin Garnett.

That is what they are doing. They are in position to make the move for that good player now. It just depends on when they want to do it. T-Wolves can turn into a respectable team whenever they want to. It is just up to them when they decide to make the move.

Beasley/Wesley Johnson

plus the two good foreign prospects. that is enough get a good player whenever they want it. they have desirable young pieces.
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