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Default Re: Real Talk: How Big of a Reach was Tristan Thompson @ 4?

Bucks were working him out and thinking of 10th spot .. and they had marshon Brooks in twice ...

That should be a perfect example of what this draft was...
Each team was picking what they wanted , because across the board the players were right on queue (average)

But more vid's I saw of Brooks and Jimmer ( I think those players are going to be more impact role players in the league than most people think)

Obviously the top 3 picks were locks .

Most fans talk it up about players out of high school getting a chance in the pro's :
A real surprise pick was the Bucks picked 19 a 18 year old college PF that will play SF or PF Tobias Harris.
July he turns 19 , so the Bucks are in a good place with this pick.
They might be able to develop him , and keep him on the roster playing down at the Development league , and yet work him up to real time action.
Sometimes it's better to allow a player develop and yet control his progress , and basically it isn't going to cost the Bucks a ton.

I think this draft was fun , and funny how some teams minpulated spots.

for example Cho of the Bobcats actually from the time he was a Blazer to a Bobcat had traded the 19th pick FOUR TIMES

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