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Default Re: All Nba Draft Discussion Live

Originally Posted by ukfan22
To all you Knicks fans hating on Harrelson.......

Obviously I'm biased, but he's not a stiff. He was a dominant offensive rebounder, against all competition we played. He CAN shoot, I promise you. He has great form and great rotation, Cal just banned him from shooting this year because he HAD to be in the paint because we had no other bigs. He and Knight ran a great two man game, pick and roll play all year. I'm telling you, he is skilled.

I'm not saying he'll start or anything, but he can be a valuable bench guy.

Thats nice. I think he has a shot at being a bench guy, probably ends up as a guy treated as a running gag for his ability. Jorts will have a fanbase if he makes the Knicks.

My only problem is that we bought that pick for $750K. Why not buy a few more picks and take some risks on a guy who might actually be a starter if he pans out? Why not take Tyler? Why not take Selby?

Nobody is saying Jorts cant make it in the NBA. But he has no chance to be a starter.
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