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Default Re: Rank your team's draft picks...

Bismack Biyombo - A

i really like this guy. he has great size and wingspan and he seems to have a good work ethic too. should be the enforcer type and he thinks he'll lead the league in rebounds and blocks next season won't happen, but it's never bad to have high expectations for yourself. his ceiling is ben wallace and there are few centers i'd take over a prime ben wallace. solid pick, we really need an interior force, i wonder if he'll develop some kind of offensive game. also, having charles oakley teach him how to control the paint can't hurt.

Kemba Walker - A

kemba's a winner. he's small, but his jumper is silky smooth and he's just a solid overall player. one of the few players who i think really has that competitive edge and real desire to win, which is probably why MJ drafted him. he's undersized but he's still taller than DJ augustin and i think he has a higher ceiling. could see him maybe as a tony parker type scoring point guard. no problems with that here.

overall i'm really satisfied with this draft, should be an exciting future. next season's gonna be ugly though
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