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Default Re: Real Talk: How Big of a Reach was Tristan Thompson @ 4?

Hey, I hope he is the next Karl Malone, but I can't help but be disappointed in this pick. He is a young, undersized PF with potential, which is exactly what we have already been developing for the last three years in JJ Hickson. They literally have exactly the same frame.

Now, I know that their games are not all that comparable and that Hickson's offense was slightly ahead of where Thompson's was coming into the league and Thompson's defense is ahead of Hickson's, but with all of the needs that this team has and considering what was on the board, was this really the most logical pick?

The only thing I can figure is that the Cavs were getting some awful news about Valanciunas' contract, because -- from everything I heard -- Chris Grant was incredibly high on him and it is a pick that would have made a lot of sense... Long, athletic, defensive-minded centers are tough to find in this league even if it is a project.

What this tells me for certain is that we will be moving Hickson. If we are able to get maybe a draft pick in 2012 for Hickson, then this was not an awful pick. If we are unable to move him for a valuable piece, however, then I have serious questions.

As much as I was not looking forward to having to wait a year to even see Valanciunas in uniform, I am less looking forward to spending the next several years developing a raw, undersized 4.

But, hey... Hopefully the front office knows more than I do.
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