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Originally Posted by Maniak
Third twin in a row, three times a charm? I hope so.

Mad we missed Biyombo and Walker, but it is what it is. Charlotte looks pretty good now.

Those hats the players got were NICE! I hope you can buy them. I really liked the look of the Suns one.

eh, Taylor Griffin doesn't count it's not like we had a shot at Blake or even Brooke for that matter.

Like I posted in the Suns draft thread, we were not gonna find the answer in this years draft. No matter who we picked. This is rebuilding mode, it just has Nash in it so it doesn't look like it. IF Markieff can average 10ppg and 10rpg while Gortat continues to average 15 and 10 we'd have a pretty solid front court. Then add in that we'll probably be in the lottery again, or can trade Nash for a high first round pick (unlikely) or use our own lottery pick to get a scoring wing player or a legit top pg in the draft, we could be a solid team again in 2-3 years.
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