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Default Re: TWolves Strategy...

The franchise needs a real alpha guru , that Kahn takes a back seat to...

Thought Mchale would be someone to turn the franchise around , and I actually think he made it worse.

I think once a alpha coach comes in , and actually streamlines the style and puts a finger print on the team , it will start shaping into the direction as it needs to be.
I stated the same thing with the expansion Bobcat thread yesterday.
Silas is the alpha guru - who is going to make the team identifiable (spl.)

Rambis came in and thought some triangle offense was the answer to it all.
Little did he learn that you need viable players to fit ANY system.

Sometimes you are dealt the cards that lay in front of you, and great coachs make it work until they get 'THEIR PIECES"

I believe Hammond and Skiles has a plan for the Bucks , and I think some of those moves are similar to how the Pistons developed their championship run.

Minny fans can only tolerate so much , and eventually not support the team.
Just think of how the Clips were looked upon for all those years
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