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Default Re: Thanks Minnesota for the #1 pick in the 2012 NBA draft

Originally Posted by kentatm
oh snap! Somebody should have told the Bucks about Brandon Jennings sucking in Europe before they drafted him! Now they are stuck with a complete bum!


Brandon Jennings Italian League profile and stats Brandon Jennings Official Player Profile

Jennings was also a much better player than Rubio ever was. He was one of the most recruited and dominant HS players ever. Bit different. I never here once said he CAN'T be good. I said I doubt he will be. The fact that you had to reach and give me just a single example is funny though. My point is Rubio is WAY overhyped for a guy who pus*ied out of playing in the NBA the last 2 seasons and admitted flat out that he wasn't ready. People act like he's the next coming of Nash/Stockton.
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