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Default Re: TRADE! Raymond Felton to Blazers, Rudy Fernandez to Mavs, Andre Miller to Nuggets

Originally Posted by G-train
DO you think its suspect he improve in D-Antoni's offence then dropped off again in a 'standard' offence?

I agree he is a better shooter than Miller, I just dont believe he is as good as what he played in NY where he had no accountability and just played at high pace.

Maybe Portalnd are going uptempo?

THey certainly could with that cattle.
I think just about everybody improves in D'Antoni's offense; he's an offensive coach. His production in Denver was lessened because it's a different offense (presumably, I don't really know the ins and outs), he was splitting time/duties with Ty Lawson, and he was probably a little pissed. His biggest problems in New York were learning the pick and roll, which he was getting better at, and his decision making, which he was also improving. I thought his conditioning was a little off, which affected his energy (which shows up first defensively), but maybe he just looks pudgy.

He's a good player. Good at breaking down Ds and getting into the paint, good shooter. And when he zeroes in on defense he can be a real pitbull. Really bother the hell out of you. I thought his D against Rose was one of the primary reasons the Knicks beat them twice last season.

I'd much rather have Felton back than Chucker Billups.
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